~ The Game of Life ~

The "Game of Life" used to be
A board game that we played
But more and more I see it as
What happens in my life each day

Just like in the board game of life
We move from place to place
We have to make decisions
Not always knowing of our fate

It seems that sometimes
and on many days
The game of life isn't much fun
There are so many things
that go wrong
And it makes you want to run

To run away to a deserted place
Where only tranquility rules
No phones to ring to bring bad news
Just the sound of waves
bringing calm to you

The game of life with all it's pain
Sometimes makes you stop and think
Just what it is that makes it so
Sometimes answers we must seek

So when the bad times
come to say hello
Which seem to be more
than those that are good
I look to the Lord in heaven
As I know I always should

I ask Him to send me
strength to carry me
I ask Him to reach out to me
and hold my hand
To not let go and to see me through
This "Game of Life"
that before me stands

All I know that in this game of life
He is the one who guides
and gives me strength
So when the tough times
come to say hello
It is easier to cope with
His help than you may think

So if you are hit by troubled times
In this game of life we must play
Remember to always look
to the Lord above
His love is there for you
each day to ease the way.

Written By:R. D. G. March 16, 2001

Please do not use
This Poem without permission.

A very special thank you
To my dear friend Ruth
For permission to use
her beautiful poem

"My Compassion Garden"


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Thank you Dear Ruth for
This Sweet Gift Of Friendship

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