~~Purple Is My Name~~

Purple is the color
of majesty and kings
Of tiny springtime violets
and hidden inner pain.

Purple is the color
of passion and of tears
Of mountains in the distance
and deepest human fears.

Purple is the color
of grapes drying in the sun
A perfect brilliant orchid
standing out as only one.

Purple is the color
that sets a soul apart
Kindness in a stranger’s eyes
and love within a heart.

Purple is the color
so filled with mystery
It reflects the heights and depths
of all the world’s afraid to see.

Purple is the color
set apart from all the rest
To be born a splendid purple
is one of life’s great tests.

Indeed the world does shy away
from purple’s many hues
They do not understand it
preferring reds and blues.

It’s difficult for them to see
that purple needs love too
That purple shares both faith and hope
and friendship always true.

Purple is the color
into which I was born
And though the world may turn away
my life it will adorn.

For purple is a rainbow
mirrored in beauty wild and tame
With pride I introduce myself
Purple is my name.

Written by~~Evegene~~
April 8, 1986

~~ This poem is copyrighted ~~
Please do not use without permission.



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We all come into this world
Loving and trusting
But sometimes along our journey
We lose both, and usually in
our own self being,but there
is always hope, for when we
put our faith and trust
in Jesus,He will teach
us who we are and we can once
again love and trust, and accept,
and know exactly who we are!

Redbird Jan~~ March 4 ,2001

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