~ Patchwork Heart ~

“What is a patchwork heart?” you ask,
Well, most all folks surely have one
A patchwork heart has many seams
Before God’s work is done.
Our hearts were perfect when we came
No scars the surface showed
But in so many different ways
Our hearts reaped what we sowed.

A patchwork heart’s been broken
At least a thousand times
The scars of life are showing
For all of life is not sublime.
A patchwork heart’s most any heart
That’s survived the flames of life
Its seams are stitched together
With joy and tears and strife.

For as He wishes us to be
So shall He mold our hearts
To create a better person
Who from Him will not depart.
So if your heart’s been broken
Like a puzzle fallen apart
Let God stitch it back together
And be proud of your patchwork heart.

Written By: Evegene

~~ This poem is copyrighted ~~
Please do not use without permission.




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Redbird Jan, February 28, 2001....update....Nov5, 2004

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