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Thank you my friends,for all the loving
Awards and Gifts.
You are each the Sunshine in my life
God bless you
Please click on each image to visit there sites.

May 12, 2001
Katia, for all the beauty you share
And the beauty within you
I am proud to call you friend
Thank you.

Happy Anniversary Kindred
May 14, 2001
Kindred thank you for the sweet kitties
and for always blessing each web page I do.
You are my loving Kindred Spirit.

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May 18, 2001
Thank you my friend Veronica,for the
Beautiful Anniversary Applet.
And for sending me all the codes
So I could use it!
Veronicas Urls

May 15,2001
Lady Jean the roses are so beautiful
God bless you!

May 14, 2001
Aww Dore the love birds are precious,
Thank you my friend.

May 14,2001
Lady Nikkita,our gift is beautiful
From our hearts ,thank you.

May 14. 2001
Frances,you always brighten my day
thank you for your sunshine.

May 14, 2001
Mary Beth,thank you dear friend
for the sweet card,and the beautiful
Wedding Song God bless you

May14, 2001
Ana, the card is so beautiful,
Orchids are my favoirte flower,thank you.

May 16, 2001
Bill you are always so kind
you always remember each of us at webdreamers
Angel hugs my friend.

May 15,2001
Penny,God bless you ,for the
loving card.

May 17,2001
Kathie,thank you for the
bride and groom bears,they are precious.

May 17,2001
Dear Daffy Ruth what would I do
with out the love you always share!

We recieved many more cards for our anniversary
But were unable to copy them,
thank you to each one of you!

June 20,2001
Thank you Dear Slyvia,my friend
my precious sis,for this Darling bear.
You are the best!!!
To visit Syvlia's beautiful sites of inspriation
please click on the bear.
To get a gift for your friend, click on the certificate.

August 29,2001
Thank you dear Mary for this sweet
Loving gift,you are a dear friend
Please click on my gift
and visit Mary's Mill Pond
Or the certficate aove to choose
a gift for a friend

June 25, 2001
My dear little FaithBunnie
Thank you for the Darling Rottie Globe
You are so sweet and with a faith
That can move mountains.
Click on Globe to visit Faith Bunnies page.
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