Thank you my friends,for all the loving
Awards and Gifts.
You are each the Sunshine in my life
God bless you
Please click on each image to visit there sites.

May 18,2001
Thank you L'il Angel Reb,for this
Random Award of Excellence,
You are so kind,my dear friend!

May,19, 2001
Awww,Star Shine thank you so muc
This is so beautiful, just like you!

April 19, 2001
Debbie thank you so much for this
Beautiful Angel Site Award!

April 20, 2001
Thank You Glyn for this
Wonderful Site award.
I appreciate your kindness

April 27, 2001
Thank you so much my dear Winx
For the beautiful award,you are a
dear and precious friend.

May 22,2001
Thank you Maria, for the sweet loving globe.

May 23,2001
Thank you my friend,Linda,
For the beautiful friendship globe.

June 5, 2001
Thank you dear Alicia for this beautiful gift
One of many you have made for me

June 9, 2001
Thank you sweet BJ, for my Faith Bunny
If your in need of prayer
please click on the Bunny.
to visit Faith Bunnies Prayer Page.

Thank you so much Mary,you honor me
With this beautiful site award
From Annies Attic,God Bless you.

June 20,2001.
Thank you so much BJ for my cute little Bee
You are a precious friend.

June 21, 2001
Ellia, you are so loving thank you
The heart swan gift is beautiful.

Oct.2, 2001
Thank you so much dear Samantha for the
Beautiful Award, you have blessed me so today

October 14, 2001
Thank so much Charly for the beautiful
Hugging Angels, you really made
my day special,God Bless You.

October 17,2001
Thank you my dear sweet Kentucky Lady
The angel globe is so beautiful
God bless You.

Thank you to a special Angel,Midge
For my special angel gift.
You are such a dear lady!

December 4, 2001

Special Thanks to Charly, for my
pretty Christmas wreath
A sweet surprise gift.God Bless you.
Angel hugs and loveys.

December 7, 2001
Jamie thank you so much
for the beautiful Award
It was a delightful surprise!God Bless You

December 7, 2001

God Bless you Bill!
You are so sweet to
Award me your, Spiritual Site Award.
Thank you so much my friend.
Please click on this award
to visit Bills Carole Towne, where
You will find great Christmas song lyrics.

December 8, 2001
Awww thank you Danny for
my sweet loving Guardian Angel.
Its beautiful.God Bless
Please click on the angel
Visit Danny's Cool Homepage.

December 8, 2001
Thank you Dear Mikki,
For the Sweet cookie Christmas gift.
Please click on the cookie, and
visit Mikki's, Christmas page
You will enjoy her Dads Christmas Poem.

December 12, 2001
God Bless you, Gloria
Thank you for the beautiful award.
Such a nice surprise.
Please Visit Glorias Glen.

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