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~~ The Working Man ~~

He gets up early with the break of dawn.
Often so tired he can barely rise.
He gets his coffee, gives a big yawn.
Gets on his work clothes, gives a big sigh,
He knows its a day, of hard work without play!

Nothing new to the working man it's true.
For he's been there many a year thru.
Toiled many hours for such little pay,
Working two jobs at times , he says !
Many long hours each year and, each day.

Many a time his body hurts so,
But he knows he must go.
Work he cant miss, he would'nt dare !
For he is the breadwinner for those in his care.
He has to make sure they have shoes to wear !

His hands are so calloused, his brow so wet
As he lifts, he bends and labors with no fret.
He smiles at the people each one that he meets.
He tries so hard to to get all their needs met.
He has to meet deadlines, no excuse will do !

The winters are cold, and hard to take,
In summer heat, not even a break.
For the working man, has no choice
He will be replaced, it doesnt matter,
How tired, or how the body is tattered !

He works his whole life with nothing to show,
But wrinkles and pain, but one thing he knows !
His family is fed, a roof over there head, and
God always knows he gave all he had.
For he has a working mans soul !

When he returns home at end of the day,
His back feels as tho it would break
He walks so slow , every muscle they ache !
But there in the kitchen his wife has his tea,
And then he hears a child say, Daddy hug me.

He then knows the reason, what makes him strive,
To be a working man, tolling so hard.
The love he gets as he enters his home, his wife,
And his children, make it all worth while.
They are the reason, they are his life

So let us all pray each day, as we can,
That God will take care of him, if He would
For one thing is sure, his life never changes
He won't quit even if he could !
Thats the way life is for the working man.

Written by: Redbird Jan....April 23 ,2001

Art by: W.Upson.
Photos by: John

This page is dedicated to my dear hubby,Denny[Howard]
Who is the working man of my life,and
For 43 years he has taken care of our family
We love you our dear working man.

Update, on My working Man.April 18, 2002
By dear Husband will retire
After almost 44 years as an auto mechanic.
We ask God to drop us
a buyer out of the sky
So He could retire
And God heard our prayer.
I would like to thank all those
that prayed with us for this to happen.
We also play the New owners will
Be as blessed as we were
With all the years we had in business.

GraphicsBy: Redbird Jan
Thank you Dawn for your help!

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