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~~ Wild Rose ~~
The Wild Rose grows
Sometimes, all alone
With no help thats known,
No one to care
Even in places often bare!

The winds blow the seed.
To many lands it can be seen.
It often struggles for daily needs
For water and sun,and warmth from the cold,
Will it survive,to live, to be bold?

The petals are bright,as they unfold,
A beauty of color all of its on.
How can it grow, can the story be told?
Its was thrown to the wind,
And the wild seed sowed.

Many a child ,its sad to say,
Often lives each day
As the Wild Rose grows.
Being alone, no one to care,
Its hard to face life this way.

To many times they struggle so much,
Life to them seems so unjust!
There needs are not met,
No love is shown,
No care is known,yet!

Some children,can make it on there own,
Others wilt and, there life is gone.
Just as a wild rose,in desert or snow.
Tring to survive, for some life to go on.
Wondering why life is so unknown.

God has his plans,the story is true,
But too many times,life becomes blue.
Parents do not heed the golden rule,
Do unto others as you would
Have them do unto you.

Parents forget the needs,
Of many a child it seems,
Often times they have such greed
They think of their self
Not the sweet child as it pleads!

Just for a caring touch,
A gentle word spoken
They never ask for much,
Maybe some love ,a little is all
They ask, as it helps them to stand tall.

I pray to our Lord, each night,
To give some hope, some light,
Let our Children grow, where life
Can treat them right.
Where they can Bloom, oh so bright!

Where they can learn wrong from right.
Not have to suffer,with a lonely life.
Never to see life's awful strife.
Where their body of life, can grow
Just as the Wild Rose grows so bold.

Written by: Redbird Jan, April 17, 2001.

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Art By: Midge Dover
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Midge's Art

Graphics by:Redbird Jan

April 18, 2001
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