Two Alone

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~~Two Alone~~

Lonely is a life without love.
Every where you look you see two. Rather in a crowd or,
Just two alone even then,
So be it, two can be lonely.

How, can a person be lonely,
When in a crowd or with one another!
Its easy, if you feel pain, or sadness,
To be lonely any time, any place!
Many, have known lonely times in life.

Even Noah, loaded His Ark two by two!
But, much sadness was there,
As He had no room for
Them all, not knowing where the
Wind would carry them!
Not knowing what would happen!

Many times in a family, one or more,
Can not understand, or even like one another,
So again we see two
Or more, still lonely
For they know not how to love,
Or do not care!
Their too wraped up in
Self to feel or see love.

Two can be lonley, even as soul mates!
If one strays from the
Right roads, and life seems
To place them many miles apart,
For reasons unknown, there hearts may break.
For only God knows the reason for all.

A mother and father, can become lonely.
As their child grows to be an adult,
Not always being, what they,
Hoped they would be,
Instead they become,
Lonely within there own world!

Words spoken without thought,
Can cause hurt, even
Loneliness for a lifetime.
Unless we let God take control.
Unless we remove pride from our thoughts.
And let God come into our hearts!

God can bring two together, when
They least expect it,
If they will let Him.
Two alone can not handle life,
But putting God there,
Can make life different,a stronger filling of,
The Holy Trinty can cure the loneliness!

God always has a plan for us.
Sometimes life tries to change it,
Leaving us lonely without love.
Don't wait till the end, to learn!
Two alone, need to listen to God.

For in this world we're never alone.
Never do we need to be lonely!
For Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Can end the loneliness,
Can show the way.
Two alone or even one, can find Love.

Written by:Redbird Jan
July 1, 2001

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Art By: Jim Warren
Used with permission
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