Thank You

~Thank You~

Thank you, is just two tiny words,
But when coming from the heart,
Can mean so very much !
They carry so much love!
Even make friends, right from the start.

Thank you , lets one know your grateful,
Two tiny words that say how thoughtful!.
Only if they helped you smile,
Let them know, it only takes a little while,
Saying two tiny words,like Thank you !

Thank you, shows you feel so blessed,
When a friend, has shared with you.
Lets a loved one know, you appreciate,
All the things they do for you, sometimes,
Just Thanks for the memories,will do.

Thank you, is kindnss returned.
Letting others know you care,
They took time for you, and
Some have little time to spare!
Thank you , they have earned!

Thank you, to a friend thats special.
Just let them know your there.
Thank you , just for letting you be you,
Is somthing we should do!
Thank you, always means so much !

Thank you, for the prayers they said,
When you were sick, or feeling sad.
And dont forget our Lord above,
Thank Him for prayers answered.
Thank Him for all our needs He fills.

Thank you , is two tiny words,
Which now I'm sure you see,
Become mighty big, when shared,
With friends and family !
Your Welcome, will then be heard!

Written By : Redbird Jan
June 8, 2001

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