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In The Air

Today I dreamed of walks,
In woods and fields, where
I sat by streams of water.
I saw all Gods nature,
At peace I was at last.

The morning mist upon the streams,
Gives a mystic look of beauty, which
Only God could give to us.
The trees so green so tall,
The birds singing for us all.

The Swan graceful and so proud,
Such a beauty to my eye, as I watch
Him gliding quietly by, oh Lord,
Listen to the sounds, You give,
To us, I can feel You in the Air!

I feel you presence oh so close,
When in Nature I do walk,
I see with every wink of the eye
All God creatures to behold!
Each with a certain way of their own!

The lilly pads for the frogs to sit.
The grass for crickets to jump, to sing,
The Bunny hopping thru the fields so lush,
Even a deer tending her fawn in the woods!
Oh Lord, I feel your presence, in the air!

I see your gift's of love, everywhere I look.
As a butterfly flutters to a wildflower, for
A sweet taste of natures flowers.
A humming bird flutters in space
Talking his turn at natures nector!

Oh Lord, how can any one doubt you.
Your in every breathe of the air
Your in every view of the eye.
For always, Your nature is,
Such beauty to behold.

Oh Lord give me grace, for time may come,
I cannot tread thru out your nature.
Please always give me dreams within,
My minds eye, so I can always feel,
Your very presence with every breath of air!

Written by:Redbird Jan
June 28,2001
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Digital Art-Swan: Creations By Dawn
Thank you Dawn for permission to use
this beautful Swan
this was done with combination,
Digital Art and two digital photos.

Do not use without permission!

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Thank you my friend Alicia
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Music "In The Air"