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~~ Far Away Places ~~

Far away places are a mystery to me.
Places I may never see.
Dreams can fill that need to be,
In sunsets along the sea.

Dreaming of times with beauty so bold,
Having someone there to love and to hold.
Knowing that life can stand still,
Dreaming of places I can feel !

Feelings of times in a far away land.
The winds blowing free, breathing the air.
Reaching for my loved ones hand,
As we take time to pray.

The feel of the sea spray in my face.
The sand touching my skin like lace.
Feeling the warmth of days end,
As the sunset begins to descend.

These are a few of my dreams,
As my eyes move up to the sky.
I feel the beauty of life, it seems,
And know I cannot lie.

In my dream, I see not two,
On the beautiful shore,
I have to see one more.
Can you not see it too!

The beauty is such a splendor,
Our hearts must surrender.
We are but two who love,
But God is the one above.

He is the one who always,
Gives hope of far away places.
Dreams of today are our way,
His, are promises of greater places.

Written By: Redbird Jan~~
May 10, 2001

I would like to thank a dear long time friend,
Wanda,You were my inspiration,
to write this poem.
For you showed me, that third person
God bless you Dear Friend.

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Romantic Sunset
Art By: Jim Warren
Used with permission
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Far Away Places