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"Bring Back Spring"

The long winter had taken its toll
All of life seem so sad with no soul.
The pastures were dead, no grass to see.
Not even a leaf on one single tree.
If only time would bring back Spring.

Time never stands still
It moves with free will
As we awake one morning,to hear
Far away sounds of a church bell ring
Then we hear a robin Sing
Could this mean that spring is near!

The dogwoods are blooming oh so bold.
The redbuds are budding, ever so bright!
Even the sound of the songbirds in flight,
Remind us to remember time is never on hold,
With patience we'll see a beauty unfold!

We see the last of winters snow
A miracle of seasons, a sight to behold
The soft fresh rain, to make flowers grow,
Liacs so sweet, even tulips let us know,
Time brings back spring with such a glow.

The air as fesh as new mowed hay
As birds build their nest for eggs to lay.
Fields of wild flowers along the way
What a feeling we get with these kind of days!
Even little children want out to play.

God blessed us this season,
His love is the reason.
Spring is the time of rebirth
For all Gods creatures and features
For us and our beautiful earth

Written by: Redbird Jan...April 10, 2001

Art work by:Midge Dover
Used by permission only

Graphics by:Redbird Jan

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April 29, 2001
Special thanks to the Webdreamers Fun Team
For my 1st place award, in Spring Poem Contest
I feel so honored,God bless you!

May 2, 2001
Thank you my friend Ruth-Daffy
For the sweet congratulations gift.
God bless you!

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