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~~ The Enchanting Sea ~~

The enchanting sea calls at night.
The birds sweeping in slow flight.
The sounds of the sea as it roars,
In the glow of golden moon light.
As the waves touch the shore.

The beauty of the mystic sea
God's creation for all to see
What a wonder of clouds in the sky
Bathed in the moonlight, oh so high
We know Gods miracles, we can not deny !

I walk along the shores, with wonder
Dreaming of the mystery down under,
The enchanting sea with all her might
Offers beauty to me in the moonlight.
God is her master, both day and night !

The seagull calls in search of their quest
Their eyes on the sea, they can not rest.
They glide to the sea with such grace,
Then sweep back to the clouds in a race
God has provided, they conquered their quest !

My thoughts they search for my quest in life.
With the sounds of the sea beckoning thee.
I pray to God for what is in store for me
Will my life be His, just as the sea !
I know as the seagull, its all up to me.

I can conquer or fail, the choice is mine.
I can choose the life, He wishes for me,
Or I can live a life , with out any hope for thee.
His miracles can calm a raging sea.
His love can calm the very core of me.

As the enchanting sea
Seems to beckon to me
The miracles I see,
Only God can it be
My answer to life, as He is to the sea.

Written by: Redbird Jan ~~ May 2, 2001

Graphics By: Redbird Jan...Update: Nov. 5, 2004

Art by: Jim Warren ~~ used with permisson.

Jim Warren Arts

Heavenly Moments

Midi used with permission

Music By Geoff

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