Rose Of Life

Roses take tender care,
So they will grow,
And they will thrive.
They have a beauty,
Of there own, none to compare!

They start with such a tiny bud,
But as there petals begin to open,
You see there beauty,
As they unfold!
Each one different ,each one special.

People we meet along life's way,
Sometime start as a little bud,
But as time goes by ,
We watch there petals unfold,
Each one differnet,each one special.

Soon we find with love and care
This person is now our friend!
But as a Rose needs, tender care
So do friends in loving ways.
They need to know just how you feel.

Friends give so much to one another,
They share there hearts,
They bare there souls!
They bring beauty into your life!
They are there thru good and bad.

Roses are given to cheer a soul
Friends are there to touch that soul.
Roses are given to show one love.
Friends are there to give that love.
Friends are the Rose of Life!

Never take a friend for granted,
Always treat them as a tender rose,
As each day the friendship grows.
See the beauty within there soul!
Feel the love of this Rose of Life.

Written by: By Redbird Jan, June30, 2000
Update:Nov.5, 2004

A very heartfelt thank you,To all the beautiful
Roses in my life! Your friendship is special.
From my heart and soul, I love you my Friends.

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