~ Journey Of Life~

We travel down life's rough roads,
Some are dark and some are long,
Many travel with a heavy load.
We often find we have to be strong,or
Our journey often finds the wrong road.

So many crossroads, so many turns!
So many choices we meet each day,
We make the decision, come what may,
To stay on the right road, or to stray!
The answer is, we start to pray!

Many a time in the journey of life,
We become lost, lonely, and sad.
We make turns, that are so bad.
As if the roads go in a circle,
With no end, no way out!

There is a way thru the journey of life,
To go thru the valleys, to smell the sweet flowers.
Taking time to listen to the whispers, of heaven,
Letting God keep us strong, and
On those right roads.

No matter how rough, how rocky the road.
If we turn to God above, He will
Take our hand and guide us thru!
He will teach us hope, he will teach us love,
If we just be silent, and listen for Him..

Life is a journey, down many a road.
Even wrong turns are often made!
But in our journey we must never lose site
Of the mountains, we can reach
By touching the hand of God, reaching out!

When a friend we see is lost, we can help,
We can pray and show them the way,
Let them know, no matter what, the
Roads in life have been, till now,
Jesus can lead them to the right road.

Please open your hearts, and let Him in,
Life's Journey is nothing without Him.
He forgives all the wrong turns, He knows,
If the eyes cried no tears, then
The soul would see no rainbows!

Written Through God~~ Kindred Spirit's
~RedbirdJan and Leah Ljsc3~
June 12, 2001
Please do not use poem without permission.

Special prayers for all those who are lost
And can not find the right roads
Thru this beautiful Journey of life~~


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~Evening Comfort~
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