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Come 'n listen to my story
'bout a redbird named Jan
A real cybergal, always there to share.
When one day, she was wonderin' what to do!
Then she heard a familiar voice saying
"you've got mail",
that is, Email, cyberspace kind,

the first thing you know,
old Jan's a surfing fast,
Kin folk said, Jan
move away from there
Said, Outside is the place you oughta be.
But she couldnt hear a word they said
Cause email must be read!,
that is, web sites to see,
virus's to watch!

Well, now it's time to say
hello to all those cyberfriends
They send great poems and,
Such awesome gifts to share.
A prayer request or two,
and even just a hi, how are you!

Jan has a teacher on the net
who keeps her brain a hoppin'
with things like making flowers and frames
and graphics for your liken'.
She reads her tut's, and gets prepared
To share her fun with others.
Then again the familiar voice
"you've got mail

She quickly starts a readin", and
finds another gift, awww how sweet,
A cyberfriend loved her graphic and
made some Stationary to share.
Such exceitment goes thru her mind
Yeppers another page a brewing,
another idea a stewing,

something more to share
with her cyberfriends who care!

Thank you folks .for kindly droppin' in
You're all invited back again to this
To have a heapin' helpin' of her hospitality,
Cyberspace kind, that is, set a spell,
take your shoes off,
Y'all come back now, ya hear?.

Written By : Redbird Jan
March 10, 2002

Special thank you to,

Red51bird for the beautiful Cardinal Gift.

To Midge Dover for making the beautiful Stationary background,

To Dawn my angel, my teacher,
who had the right tut for frames.

To Leah,my dear Kindred Spirit,
who never lets me send
out a page without a prayer and a blessing.

And to all my loving caring cyberfriends,
you have given me so much encouragement,
love, and kindness the last two years!

God Bless you all!

Graphics By: Redbird Jan
Update; Nov.5, 2004

Bevery Hillbillies!