Daddy's Little Girl

It was a cold windy February Monday.
The sun was shinning oh so bright.
Our hearts were filled with delight.
This day our dreams became true.
For today was the day we met you!

We were taken into a little room,
A white bassinet, filled with blankets of pink.
I remembered,them saying,
They would give us time alone
Before we sat to sign papers with ink.

You were so tiny, skin so fair,
I wondered could we pick you up, did we dare!
Your daddy did not hesitate,
You were in is arms, he couldn't wait!
He knew His Diana had arrived at last.

I saw you in his arms, really not as big,
As a bag of sugar, but filled with
More sweetness than life it self.
Already wrapped around Daddy's finger,
Where thru life you would always linger..

You were Daddy's little girl right,
from the start, with a special light
in your Blue eyes for your Mother.
What a powerful feeling it seem to be,
Finally becoming a loving family.

Happy Birthday our loving Daughter, Diana!
That day was almost 35 year ago, and wow!
We have never been happier, nor so very proud,
As thru the years watching you become a loving,
Woman, a wife and step mom, a person admired by all.

We watched you grow thru the years,
With a special love, like none we had known.
We helped you take you first step,
And we were there for your first fall.
We even remember your first word, Da Da!

We remember your first pony, and what Dad said!
"If you fall off and you're not hurt ",
Don't cry just climb back on and ride.
And you did, many years, and many trophies.
You were quite the little Horselady !

Then came the teen years, wow!
That's when girls know everything,
And parents know nothing,
yet, both are learning.
The year we turn you loose with an automobile!

Then we saw the change begin, the
Change a parent teaches a child to go thru
yet dread the day it comes. You seem to go
To bed as a child, wake up as a grown woman.
Ready to face the world, full of life!

Next thing we know you have a career,
building a new home,
getting ready to venture out on your own.
Leaving the nest as they say,
Leaving two parents proud, but crying, it's true.

But one thing for sure your still Daddy's little girl.
And Mother can still teach you a lot in life.
You have had a good life our little angel in Pink.
You have given us a great life as parents.
Happy Birthday,to Daddys little girl!
Happy Birthday to My loving daughter and friend~

Written January 5th, 2003,
By: Redbird Jan..Aka... Mother

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Daddy's Little Girl!