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"Soft Petals"

Soft petals of a rose.
Given to only those,
That we love, chosen,
To show we really care.

Soft fragance fills the air.
One becomes caught,
With love in their thoughts,
A special place in their hearts.

Roses come in many colors,
Each hue with a meaning of it's own.
But once recieved the roses color,
Is surpassed by thoughts of our own.

Roses for friendship, roses for love,
Roses say someones sorry,
Roses say someone cares,
Roses are special no matter when or where.

Even after the softness is gone
Many years go by, we may find
A bud pressed deeply in our Bible
That stirs a memory, or even a smile.

Written by Redbird Jan~~ Sept.23, 2001

~ Colors of The Rose~

Red roses are symbolic of
love, respect, and courage.

Pale pink roses are symbolic
of grace, joy, and happiness

White roses are symbolic of innocence,
secrecy, reverence, humility, and purity

Dark pink roses are symbolic
of thankfullness and friendship

Lavender roses are symbolic
of enchantment.

Pale Peach roses are symbolic of modesty,
gratitude, appreciation, admiration & sympathy.

Orange roses are symbolic of fascination.

Yellow roses are symbolic of joy, friendship,
jealousy, gladness, hope, and freedom.

Coral roses are symbolic of desire.

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Graphics by:Redbird Jan.....update:Nov.5, 2004

A special thank you to
Denny and Diana for
All the many Roses you both
have given me thru the years.
I love you both so much.