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Dawning Of A New Day

Sometimes when I'm weary
And feel I can't go on,
I sneak off to my "special place "
In the light of early dawn.
My place is deep in woodlands;
" God's Country " it's called by some
. When my burden gets too heavy,
I hear my place call, " Come ".

I go there when I'm saddened,
And my heart is aching so;
The beauty and serenity
Help to ease my pain, I know
It's there that I find comfort;
Sometimes I need solitude.
I feel so much closer to God,
And He gently lifts my mood.

I don't know if it's my special place,
Or the Lord above, Himself;
But somehow when I leave there,
I feel that I have wealth.

Perhaps it's just my being there;
Or maybe it's God's own way,
Of telling me to try again;
It's the dawning of a new day.

~~Author Unknown~~

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Peaceful Morning, Art by:Jim Warren
used with permission

Thank you to my Kindred Spirit
For sharing this beautiful poem with me
If any one knows the Author
For proper credit, please let me know

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