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~~ Echos In The Mist ~~

Can you hear the sounds
They can be heard all around
The echos of the birds thru the mist
Unusal sound we often miss.

The sound of the peacock
as night falls
Sounding bold and
strong as they call.
A strange sound often not known.
But one of love that
beckons to not be alone.

As the snow softly falls
and light fades.
You can see just a
glimspe of the shades,
The colors of feathers as
they make their fan,
Not a bird more beautiful
in this land.

God graced these birds
with beauty so rare,
They prune, as they
work with care,
To keep each feather
always just right.
For they know they will
shine in the morning light.

When I hear the echos of
their sound in the mist
It reminds me that God
gave us beauty too.
For us to care for,
but sadly few do.
If only we could learn to
shine in the morning light.

As the snow softly falls,
and dark of night is here
The sound of the peacock
is no longer heard.
But, at the break of first
light, you will hear
Their sounds, as they proudly
Shine in the light of day

I humbly pray, that I
can let the light of day
Let Jesus shine thru
me oh so bright
That I can stand proud,
all the way.
Showing others His
love is so right.

Written By: Redbird Jan
January 20, 2002

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Midi "Echoes In The Night"
is used with permission and is
copyright 2001 Bruce DeBoer

Art "The Peacocks"~~1898
By: William Degouve de Nuncgues