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The Way Home

Walking down the path one day,
Humming tunes while merrily on my way.
I felt such a warmth of love to know,
Down the path, not far to go,
My loved ones would be waiting there.

The path was such a peaceful walk.
Yet the anticapation was so strong,
For soon we would sit and talk,
I knew nothing would go wrong
It couldn't I was on my way home.

This world sometimes gets crazy,
We rush and hurry thru each day,
The minutes the hours become so hazy.
We sometimes get lost on the way,
Our thoughts forget what to say.

Some say life is so unfair.
Life never treats them right,
From first daylight, thru night.
Their life is so hard to bare!
Do they ever take time for prayer?

Life has taught me to slow down,
To face each day without a frown.
To see the beauty along the way.
Never forgetting a single day,
Be thankful for life no matter what!

I see the lights, I'm almost home,
My loved ones are waiting there,
I close my eyes in prayer, you see!
Their waiting there with love for me!
Thank you Lord for showing me the way.

Written by:RedbirdJan ~~ May 5, 2001

New Day!

Midi "New Day" is used with permission
and is copyright 2000
Bruce DeBoer

The Way Home
Art By: Jim Warren
Used with permission

Update Nov.5, 2004