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~Many Yesterdays~

This house came from many yesterdays,
When things were different in every way!
It stood proud and snowey white,
With lamps burning oh so bright.

Now forgotten, it looks so sad
Like many others neglected so bad.
They become part of a forgotten past.
Times when money, and pride couldn't last.

Times were hard back many yesterdays
Twas not enough seeds to sow, family's say.
Food and clothes had to come first,
Times barley filled their thrist!

Once homes that stood so proud,
Became sadly hidden by clouds,
Of dirt and weeds, no one to care
Everyone gone, not one soul there.

But if you search, and if you look,
You often find a treasure no one took.
Let your mind wonder, to many yesterdays.
You might can see someways same as todays!

Where homes, now stand as houses all alone
Many times family's have no seeds to be sown,
Work is not easy to find
We are no different than yesterdays kind.

History often repeats it self it seems,
Some know not how to change yesterdays.
Some do not care,
Some do not dare.

If only we would change today,
Look at yesterdays in a different way.
We have the knowledge to make our days
So much better , in so many ways!

Dont let the yesterdays fade in the past
And become images of nothing
Many many yesterdays, do last
They become todays memories oh to fast.

Written By:Redbird Jan~Sept.2, 2001
Do not use without permission.

Art-Waterclor- By H. Montgomerty

This painting was a gift to me.
It is a painting of a once beautiful home
In a town not far from where I live.
With hidden memories in the foreground.

Do not use without permission!

Graphics By: Redbird Jan

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