Long Ago

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~~ Long Ago ~~

What ever will be , will be.
So often, Mama said to me,
Don't worry about tommorrow.
Don't let today cause you sorrow!

As I look back to long ago,
I see the simple life we had.
How I long for that time so!
Times just never seemed bad.

Often when my memories roam,
I see how much is missing today.
Family dinners with everyone home,
No one rushing there seperate way.

The quite of an evening with no TV.
Listening to music on the phonograph.
No interuption from a telephone ringing,
Instead families would be singing.

Remember, Papa plowing the fields,
Not with a tractor big and loud,
But with a mule, and
Sweat from his brow.

Monday was wash day , with
The old wringer washer.
As Mama hung clothes out to dry,
She hummed a tune with such pride!

Sundays were always the very best.
Going to church, in our best dress.
Singing and praying, feeling so blessed.
We never knew the word called, stress.

Long ago we knew to be humble,
It didnt matter how much we had.
Whatever will be, will be.
God had it all planned, you see!

Memories from the past
Are precious to me.
Thoughts that always last.
For in my heart they'll be.

Written By: Redbird Jan~~May 24, 2001

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Que Sera Sera
What Ever Will Be Will Be
From the Hitchcock Movie
"The man Who Knew Too Much" (Doris Day 1955)

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