~If I Were Free~

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~If I were Free~

If I were free I would
Fly a glider across the sky
I would wave at an Eagle
As he soared so proudly by!
Just us and God and Sky.

If I were free I would
Mount a white Horse
If only I could
We would ride along the shore
In the glowing moonlight, of course!

If I were free I would
Climb up the Mountains
In search of a waterfalls
Bathing so softly, if I could,
In the sprays of its mist!

If I were free I would
Walk thru a forest
In search of a gentle flowing spring,
I would listen to the birds as they sing
Then I would pray and with peace, rest.

IF I were free I would
Build me a garden of
Sweet fragrant flowers
And watch the butterflies
As they go futtering by.

If I were free I would
Have less pain
I could do all I dream
And not feel drained
But wait maybe I could?

If I were free I would
Read the Bible,learn the
Way Gods plan is for me,
This is what my heart should
See, for it is written plain for thee.

If I were free I would,
Know as I grow old,
Memories of life are so bold,
They are there to beckon me
To remind me life is not on hold.

If I were free I would
Know, if I trust in God,
He would take the pain,
He would lighten my load,
He would show me the right road!

If I were free I would
Seek joy in each day
Knowing it is Gods way!
I would share with others,
In every way , as I know I should.

Yes I am free,to do all of this,
For I have been given,
A forever lasting life
Gods Son paid the price
He gave us his life!

I am free to dream,
I am free to share,
I am free of pain,
If only I dare
To Believe.

Written By: Redbird Jan
April 3,2001
Please do not use without permission.
Updated Nov.5, 2004

Graphics By: Redbird Jan

I can not give credit to the beautiful scene
I used to make the applet
As I do not know who sent it to me
If any one knows, please email me.


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"My Foolish Heart",is arranged and performed by
HJ Gaudreau. For information about his music list
or his CDs, contact him at
My Foolish Heart
Music-Victor Young
Lyrics-Ned Washington
From the film, "My Foolish Heart"-1949
The romantic drama movie was loosely based on a J.D. Salinger
short story and featured Susan Hayward and Dana Andrews
as an adoring but ill-starred couple.
He dies in WWII and she is left
pregnant, finally marrying a man she doesn't love to give her
child a name, then becoming an alcoholic before seeing the light.
The lovely title song remains a pop standard.

Sit back, relax and enjoy HJ's arrangement of
~~My Foolish Heart~~

Lyrics below:
The night is like a lovely tune ;
Beware, my foolish heart !
How white the ever-constant moon
Take care, my foolish heart !
There's a line between love and fascination
That's hard to see on an evening such as this,
For they both give the very same sensation
When you're lost in the magic of a kiss .
His lips are much to close to mine;
Beware, my foolish heart !
But should our eager lips combine,
Then let the fire start .
For this time it isn't fascination
Or a dream that will fade and fall apart;
It's love this time,
It's love, my foolish heart !