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Mother, With Love

Mother, we love you, but
Did we say it enough!
Did we show you we cared
or did we make you wonder
If we appreciated you at all.

You were always hurting
It showed within your eyes.
It was felt within your heart.
Were we part of that hurt,
Or did we sometimes make you smile?

You always kept things hidden,
Deep within your soul,
For times in life had hurt you,
Why wouldnt you share with us,
Let us help you thru!

I wanted so to ask, but
Afraid the hurt would deepen.
The scars of life would bleed!
I know we were your life,
Your reason for living, for breathing.

You never learned to show your love, again
Because once you did and lost, so
The wall had been built, and no one
Could get thru it.Not even at the end.
You were loved, by 4 who love you still.

Our family was so different,
But we felt that love within!
Since you had to split us up,
We felt it from afar, but
We knew the love was there.

One of us is with you,
In heaven up above,
I know he let you know
We all love you so.
We miss you ,Mother, with love.

Written By Redbird Jan
April 15, 2002
In Loving Memory
of our Mother.

Ellah D. Rosenquest
November 20,1902~~March 11, 1987

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