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~~In His Light~~

The Harbor Master keeps the light,
Brightly shinning day and night.
The lighthouse stands tall and strong.
Mighty winds will not take it down.
The beacon of light must never go dim!

The men of the sea search for this light.
Knowing its guidance is saftey for them.
Bringing them into harbor safe and unharmed.
Their faith is so strong knowing that light,
Brings them closer to land, closer to home.

The seas can be dangerous, waters so rough.
Mighty winds can send the vessels off course.
The Captain keeps a stern hand, knowing
His crew must be kept safe, feeling,
Their life's in his hands.

The Captian searches for the beacon of light,
Hoping and praying soon it will show!
Then out of the dark,shinning ever so bright,
Appears the light for guidance to harbor.
Shinning for life's to be safe and back home.

We all have a Harbor Master, who keeps
His light shinning bright, giving guidance,
Love and Hope, thru all our dispair.
Life's winds may blow us off course, but
He is there with His hand, reaching out.

Out of the dark, our souls He can bring,
Into a light that never grows dim!
He can give us life, He can keep us safe.
He can make us strong, He can make us shine.
He can give us safe harbor for ever more.

Always remember he gives us light,
He gives us life, for Him I will
Let my life shine, so others
Can find there way, so they to
Can see Him shine.

This little light of mine,
I gonna let it shine,
This little light of mine,
I gonna let it shine,
Let it shine, let it shine!

Written by:Redbird Jan, July3,2001

Do not use with out permission

Graphics by: Redbird Jan

Art by:Midge Dover
Used with permission.

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