Jan, and Eben 1975

"Someone I Use To Know"

There's a picture that I carry
One we made some time ago
When they ask who's in the picture with me
I say just "Someone I use to know"

Just someone, I used to spend some time with
Just a flame, that's lost its glow
But I don't tell them, of the nights I cried without you
I say just "Someone I use to know"

Just someone, I use to run around with
Just a friend from long ago
I don't tell them, how lost I am without you
I say just "Someone I use to know"

I say just "Someone I use to know"

Written and Recorded by
Dolly Pardon

Many of you would hear this song
and think about a lost love.
But that is not what I think of.

I think of the years 1975 to 1980.
I think of this very thin friend!
She loved to ride horses
with her young daughter,
and with other friends.

I think of a horse name Eben,
A horse name Jango,
Of course there were Pepsi,Patches,
Snoopy, Babe, and Hasty,
all beautiful horses.
Oh and wow were there some great times
With other cowgirls too.

Most of all I think about,
the only time in my life,
seeing from the inside,
what a thin person does.
You see that very thin friend
was me for 5 years.

I had been obese all my life, and
have been ever since 1980.
But for that short time, I lived a life time.
I loved riding, even tho I feared it.
I over came my fear and rode with the wind!!

Now I am filled with pain,
my body is not able to do very much,
But God has given my life new meaning,
and tho I will never see that thin friend again,
It is ok!

Praise God He taught me to accept me,
as I am, even when others don't.
And to know it is ok.
We all grow in different ways
losing friends for whatever reason hurts.
But God can heal the pain.
And help us meet the days
with love in our heart.

Redbird Jan..October 22, 2002

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My daughter,Diana , on Jango.
Barrel racing at the age of 8.

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Someone I Use To Know!