In Memory Of Larry J Sergent

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Larry J Sergent
1958 ~~ 1983

My Brother

It's that time of year again only nineteen years later,
and I wonder how this time passes so fast,
faster than the wind can blow in the tunnel of a hurricane
still leaving the feelings of separation from the world
to the heavenly gates but, soon I shall join you for life
seems to be a breath away from eternity.

Aunt Janet joined you this year only a few days
ago....seems November is our month to join God
at those pearly gates~for those who get to go, I
am sure it is a joy but those of us left behind is
not such an emotion, though I have been taught to
celebrate your life, I still miss you and wish you
could be right here being that person who made
my sun always bright!

I have found thru this life each person seems to
have a gift to make a "difference" in our lives. This
was brought home to my heart again when the minister
gave his words of blessing for Aunt Janet and it made
me think!!! No two people are alike and everyone in this
world is given the gift to make that imprint upon another
and when taken to the throne of God, those imprints
last in our human bodies in memories and treasures till
we get to partake in the trip "Going Home"~

For some the memories might not be bright or happy,
I was blessed you brightened my days and my nights
being the loving, giving, funny person you always were
even if you did keep us up till the "green truck" signaled
us that you were home safe and sound. You are thought
of many times a day by all of us and the years don't seem
to matter you still are an eternal flame in all we do each day.

I can only imagine the joy in heaven with so many who have
joined you since that cold blizzard day of November 15th,
1983~seems there are now more there than here and if only
a trolley would come along we could come and visit and
all that seems wrong would be made right again only if a
trolley would come along!

There are so many things that happen I want to tell you
but then I think he "knows" but still that urge to talk
aloud just to have the conversation would help so much...
like do you really know David still brings Mom and me
flowers each holiday 19 years later...a truer friend you
could not have had so please Lar send David and his
family a blessing from above for he surely has blessed
us over and over again for the years you have been gone.
A difference he has made in our lives I am sure he doesn't
realize the life and joy he puts in our hearts everytime he
brings flowers or fixes our cars!!

I met a friend of yours from long ago...Hummer is his name
and a friend he does still claim. A difference he has made
in our lives when God chose to make him appear again after so many years~

I thought I had forgiven of the past, letting go I thought
so but those reminders that Nathan brings does
it happen Rebecca is in his class and makes us remember the
past.....he thinks she is the greatest ya know...what can I say,
God knows. A difference even she made in our lives~

We been cleaning, painting the house and fixin the fence
and decks, a laborers work of toil and sweat but to Mom
it makes a difference, it makes her happy...she still walks
and does her shopping and all so be her guardian angel
and keep her safe for we need her awhile before she takes
that trolley "Going Home"~

Tomorrow's sometimes don't come...our roads we must
choose..hopefully to the ones we love we have said all
the right words and got in our last sentences that come
from our hearts for as fast as I could stand upon a
mountain top to call a name the wind can blow and
time is gone and we are called to that eternal trip~
"Going Home"

I love you Larry
I miss you always but you are a part of all I do daily
so we aren't so far apart~see you soon and give love
to all.

Shouting with pride from the mountain top
I am "Larry's Sister"
and will be thru eternity~

Written by: Leah Jean Sergent Crichton
Larry's Sister
November 10, 2002

"Uncle Larry"

October 17, 1958
November 15, 1983

It's been nineteen years
For it seems like yesterday
All I have is memories to
Which I treasure beyond

Remember how we always goofed
Around, you Jamey and me and
Somehow you were the lucky one to
Get in trouble by Gram!!

Remember the water battle at the
Trailer!!! We were all soaking wet,
I didn't think Mom was going to let
You watch us ever again! I got
The best years that was all so special
And for that no one can take away!

The sound of your green truck still
Rings in my ears like music, it meant
You were home and safe but on November
15th of 1983 God called you home; I am
Sure He had His reasons to which I still
Don't understand.

As I lay in bed at night and think of you
And Grandpap, I treasure the time and
Years I got with you and Grandpap and
Tuck them close to my heart.

I still see those shooting stars and know
You are looking below, guiding, supporting
And just being my "Uncle Larry"!

Just remember in the water
far beneath the bitter
Winter snows lies the
seed that with the sun's
Love in the spring it becomes the rose.

Until we meet again~
With all my heart I give you my love~
I miss you!!!

Your "Little Babe", Jillsuzanne

Written by: Jillsuzanne Crichton McKeel
November 7, 2002

Another year has past Kindred,
and another year we share memories and love for Larry.
I redesigned Larry's page this year,
for my gift of love to your family.
I also would like to thank Shirely, who made this little swing .
A swing is an important memory of the past

A place where Leah and Larry spent many hours
thru out there years just swinging and talking!
God Bless you my friend, love, Jan..redbird..November14, 2002

Shirely's Web World"

God needed and angel
for He wanted the best~

God peered through the clouds
and chose you from all the rest~
We looked above with tears in our
eyes and asked God why.

He said it was time for his angel
to rest
As He engulfed you with all His love
as you laid your head on His chest.

With tears in our eyes it was time
to say goodbye....even though we don't
know why, with a touch and a kiss we
put you to rest~

We trust in God as He always knows best
with all our hard journies, you opened your
wings wide~
For God chose His angel to answer
our reason why.

Written by: Your "Little Babe" Jill
Jillsuzanne Crichton McKeel

Another year has come and gone,
and the beautiful love and memories
for Larry stays with in the hearts of many.
The poem above was written this year by Larry's loving Niece, Jill.
Larry our love and thought are with you always.

In Memory Of Larry,
Please give a prayer in celebration
of the loved ones that meant so much
to our hearts and growth in our lives~~

Larry has been gone almost 18 years
as I write this yet it feels like yesterday...
never to be forgotten my funny brother,
my companion, my friend,
now my angel on my shoulder~
I love you always and forever and
someday I will be "Going Home" and
I will see you once again~with love and hugs..

I miss you desperately but,
know you are still within reach....
you are and always will be the best brother~

Celebrate life

Celebrate those who still live
Celebrate your own
Celebrate those who made us grow
Celebrate the small things God gave to us
Celebrate those miracles

we asked for and received
however small or for however short
Celebrate for God lives within each of us
and the heartprints He leaves are uneraseable

God bless you all
With much love... Leah...Larry's Sister

Hold me close to your heart
Let me feel it beat
Tell me~~
That you love me,
And please, please, please,
Forget me not~~

In Loving Memory of Larry
Who loved and taught us
So much,He will Live
In our hearts forever~~

My Brother Larry was the best!!
He was eleven years younger than me
But as we grew age
never seemed to matter.
We grew closer as sister and brother.
He was the light of my life,
My funny person,
My sunshine, my laughter.
Larry was a sensitive person
and an emotional one.
He would listen and offer help
of any kind to anyone if he could.
That was Larry~~

Larry and I talked a lot after
Our Father died in the year 1981,
I don't think Larry was ready
to handle life without our Father~~
As time went by Larry
Just wasn't handling his life
as well as he knew he
needed to ~~~

Then on a snowy blizzard day,
November 15, 1983
The world crashed in our family
Larry left our lives for Heaven.
Life will never be the same
Without our pride and joy,
and funny person!!
Larry and I packed a life time
Into His short 25 years
Larry you will live
in my Heart forever~~
I love you now as I did then~~

Written by Leah~~Larry's Sister,
March 31,1999

One Wish

If only I had one wish.
Which one would it be?
The wish to have
One more moment
For you to be here with me.

Sixteen years have gone by.
Where did they go?
So many unanswered questions
As why it was your time to go.

I can't forget the snowy day
The words that Mom had to say
The words that no one
wanted to believe.

I miss the laughter that you shared
Your personality that shone through,
And best of all,the smile
That could brighten anyone's day.

Time has moved on
But a day doesn't go by
That I don't think of you
I know you are with me,
My Angel on my shoulder.

You guide me through

those difficult times,and
Give me strength that I need.
One day we will meet again~~

Until then the thoughts
Are precious in my mind.
Love,Your Little Babe,Jill~~

Written By Jillsuzanne,Larry's Niece,

November 2,1999

These are writings that Leah,
My Kindred Spirit has shared with me,
at different times
I have saved them for today.
To give honor and love to a brother
and a Uncle, who
Is loved Dearly even today~~
17 years after Larry,
Went to be with our Lord.
God bless and Angel hugs
My dear Kindred Spirit and Jill
With love,Jan..Kindredspirit~~Redbird

November15, 2000~~~~updated November 14, 2002

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