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"With Love Dear John"

The sun set was different one night
Things in life just didn't seem right!
I held his hand so very tight.
I said I love you, you know I do
But Jesus is waiting, on the other side.

You must let go, Jesus is calling you.
He squeezed by hand and, said I love~~
Closed his eyes, and went with Jesus
To his heavenly home, no more pain
No more sorrow, Happy at Home at last!

The battle of life here on earth
Had been lost, but the life everlasting
Had just begun for our dear John.
John had ask Jesus to forgive him
Of all sins, and come into his heart

John never said why me Lord?
He always had a smile for everyone
He ask the lord for two years, when the doctor
Said he only had three to six months to live
The Lord gave him twentyeight months!

John spent his special time
Sharing his love with others, and
Praising the Lord each day, with
So much pain, he fought for life
Each step of the way.

He shared his love for Jesus every day.
He showed people he cared in every way!
His face shined with such a glow.
His goal was to let others know!
Jesus loves us so!

We have a new Angel, watching
Over us tonight, he watches with love
And a great sense of humor,
Giving us care and keeping us safe
Not saying good bye, just until later!

Written by: By Redbird Jan, August 20, 2001

John Wendell Barkdoll
6-19-46 ~ 8-7-2001

A special thank you to my Kindred Spirit,
who prayed for so many miracles,that were answered,
and for being a special friend to John!

A very heartfelt thank you
To all those who prayed for John
During his 28 month fight with Small Cell Cancer.
I feel so blessed for having John in my life.

Memorial Day May 26,2003.
I would like to remember our
Dear John on this special day.
John did not die in the Vietnam war,
But he died because of the Vietnam war.
The small cell lung cancer that took
John's life was caused from Agent Orange
a chemical used during this war,
This chemical did much damage
too many men and women,
years after Vietnam.
God bless those famlies that
suffered because of this chemical.

Also would like to thank Linda,
A very special family friend who took
the Navy Marker Picture for me
and for making sure the
bronze vase always has flowers
God bless you and thank you dear Linda.

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To see the beautiful page she dedicated to John.
His Special Smile

Thank you Dear Francine for this
beautiful poem for John,
a loving gift from your heart.
God Bless you my dear friend.
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Treasured~ Emotions By Francine

Thank you dear Dawn
for placing John on your
Memorial Page,God bless you.
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Memorial page

January 24, 2003

Thank you John at Heavens Gates for this
beautiful award, I feel so blessed.
God bless you.

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