Meeting someone for the first time is like going on a treasure hunt. What wonderful worlds we can find together.

That is how I felt about Jan. When we met over the internet, it was as if I knew her all my life. She just made you feel so special and loved. Her sunny personality always shown through. She had a sixth sense to know when things were wrong and would be there to encourage and help us through. I miss her southern drawl and her giggle but most of all I miss her.

I will always have a special place in my heart, just for you my friend, my Janners!
I love and miss you...............
Your friend always,

There are so many things about my friend Angel Jan that comes to mind in my memories.....She Was LOVE... But have to share how much I enjoyed seeing her on her lean green mowing machine, cuting the grass. I was amazed with her health she was able to do it, but that was how she was. Of course only ever saw pictures of her on it. They are priceless, like she was and is. She always signed her mails to me, Angel hugs, so I called her my Angel friend. She was that and so much more. She usually called me Sis Suvie or just Sis.
I miss her so.

I could write on and on about Jan..She was a precious jewel .
Jan was someone when you met her, you just fell in love with her kindness, love of others, her caring nature, and most of all she was genuine - she had no 'put on' attitude. She was a friend from the minute I met her, and we shared many problems, pains and loves in emails.

Her love of family was awesome! And she was totally devoted to them. Never an ill word about anything any of them, or anyone, was said. When Tanner was born she was flying high, and oh... the happiness she had, and shared with me. And I know she was all smiles behind that monitor as she shared it all. She was worried at one point about Diane, and so we prayed that all would be okay. Jan was so happy that both were okay after Tanner was born.

She was one in a million, just a precious jewel that I was allowed to share emails with, laugh with and cry with. I sure do miss her, and always will, but know she is now in the presence of Jesus and no more pain or problems, just total happiness. I know one day we will meet again, and I really look forward to it, as I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her face to face, and in Heaven we will.

She said we had a 'common interest since she used the cardinal as her redbird name, and said I could share it as the KY bird. We joked about that.. Gotta love that woman.. so much!!

She will have a spot in my heart that will never fade - a very special friend, and sister in Christ to me..


My most favorite memory of Jan was when we all (Leah, Jan and me) used to meet online at a certain time. Leah and I would eat snack in front of the monitor so we could spend time with Jan. This one night we all got real silly and were laughing so hard it hurt. Jan finally said if we didn't stop she was going to have an 'accident" of course that just made it all worse and off we went on to say she left screaming I'll BRB...hehehe. we had so many wonderful times with such a beautiful lady. She openly shared her life & her deepest thoughts with the world through these web pages. Its so nice to be able to go to them and share her life and memories. It keeps her so near to my heart. To open the page and see that beautiful smile, so hard to believe she is no longer here. Thank you Jan for coming into my life and sharing your world with me. I love you.


I was so lucky to find Jan on the Internet, she was a giving and loving person, always willing to go that extra mile to help you if you needed something.

Most of all she was a woman of "heart" a giver in life who found it so easy to share her thoughts and beauty and always had words of encouragement to offer.

We had gotten out of touch because of family problems and losing my sister Lorraine and her daughter to cancer within 9 months of each other but Jan was always there whenever I needed an encouraging word. She was a heart of heart's. She was gentle, sweet, kind and understanding but most of all she was truly "love" ~ all those who had the distinct pleasure of knowing Jan knew automatically that she was a woman of substance.

I will miss her greatly and always think of her beautiful smile and angelic ways.

Thanks for allowing me to post my feelings about Jan, it does my heart good to let everyone know just what a "dear heart" she truly was. I know that she is in the Arms of Jesus now making Him laugh no doubt. What a truly special angel she is now.

I am so proud to have had the privilege of coming into her life if only for a little while, it was a lifetime of love for me.

Love Francine
Garden of Life's Emotions ~

I look out my window, and on a branch sitting singing its song of spring

Is a beautiful red cardnial the sun glitters off its wings

And right away ,your spirit brushes through me as of you are saying
"I'm still here my dear friend and I shall always be staying"

The blue skies above I glance up to and smile, a gentle tap at my heart
I know you are in heaven I watch the fluffy clouds depart

You were ,and are my friend my sweet Jan Redbird, to us all
I hear heavens angels singing, you are there, in God's golden halls
Forget me not?
Oh I know you will not do
And I will forever remember and love you

March 2008

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