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~ Soon ~

Soon there will be a change in the air,
This I know for sure, do you dare,
Ask what it might be, or just wait and see?
The birds will love it, they will sing with glee!

Soon the ice will melt away,
The winds will bring a new day.
March will blow in like a lion,
Kites will be flying in the air.

But soon, quite as a lamb,March is gone.
Soon we hear the sound of rain,
For April is here to make her reign.
The trees start to bud, robins chirp so strong!

God announces the arrival of spring!
April showers have brought May flowers.
The air smells so fresh, we stay out for hours.
The world is alive, with color's of green

The fragrance of flowers, colors so bright,
We feel a sence of utter delight!
Another season, another reason for joy
Spring has begun with all her glory,

Written By: Redbird Jan February 13, 2002

Please do not use poem without permission.

February 20, 2002
Thank you so much Mama and Bogle
for both of these special awards.
They really mean a lot to me.
God Bless you!
Please click on either award
and visit there wonderful site.

February 21, 2002
God bless you Samatha, and thank you
You made my heart smile with
the second award you have presented to me.
You are an angel.
Please click on this award and visit
Sam's beautiful site.

February 25,2002
God Bless you my dear friend Shirley,
and thank you for this
beautiful award for my Poetry
This really blessed my soul and heart!
Please click on the award
and visit Shirleys World.

Please do not take graphics.

This is my first Digital Art
I have so much to learn.
Thank you Dawn for the patience to teach me!
You are my angel!

Midi "April Rain"
is used with permission and is
copyright 2001 Bruce DeBoer

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