They Cried



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They Cried

Spring flowers had grown,
Summer heat had gone.
Fall colors were here,
Winters snow was near!

Soon the journey begins,
Many lifes will end.
The Indians will cry,
As the government will lie!

They were promised a home,
But they must go alone.
The Trail was rugged, and steep.
The danger would cut them deep.

The Cherokee cried, as many died.
Buffalo was gone, deer not found.
The eagles cry was a distant sound.
Any food or warmth was denied.

Their TeePee's by the streams,
Listening for Eagles in the sky.
They prayed to their Father on high,
Knowing He would not lie!

The year was 1838-39
This was The Trail of Tears .
The Government had drawn a line.
The Cherokee Nation had much to fear.

Days of Peace would be no more
Freedom in there land was lost.
To many lives, to high a cost.
The Cherokee cried, as the eagle soared

"Nunna daul Tsuny".
"The Trail Where They Cried"

Written by Redbird Jan, October 8,2002.

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have read about the
Trail of Tears, if not
Take time to do so,PLEASE.
Cherokee Trail Of Tears

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Art: Days Of Peace
By Thomas Kinkade

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