~~ Hurt So Bad~~

Hurt So Bad

Did you ever hurt, so bad,
You couldn't explain your feelings.
Yet, you knew inside, you were so sad.
Sometimes your mind was just reeling.
You thoughts mingled as tho lost!

The hurt made each day
Feel, as tho life should go away.
It had no meaning, it hurt
To much, things were so out of touch.
This kind of pain, one can't take.

This is pain within the heart
Pain that can consume your very soul!
When your mind is tossed with feelings of loss.
The struggle is there you cant get free.
You hurt so bad you can't even see!

Your thougts are magnified, beyond belief.
You know today, you just can't cope,
You often begin to lose your hope.
Thoughts locked inside, oh so tight
Where do you turn, how do you fight.

The answers are not easy my friend.
Many a time we seem so alone,
Even tho many around, show us their love.
Many times a different love is what we need,
A love that one sends from far away.

Missed love, from far away,
can cause much pain
Only answer is patience and faith.
To close your eyes feel their touch,
Reach out and hold them in your thoughts.
Let Jesus bring them ever so close.

Prayers can ease the pain
Its hard to explain, but
Time can make it all seem
As tho it doesn't hurt so much,
Meanwhile, reach out in prayer.

Remember "Ask and Ye Shall Recieve".

Written by: Redbird Jan
January 18, 2003

Dedicated to all of us who have ever
suffered this pain, this depression of life
Just remember you are never alone.

January 24, 2003

Thank you John at Heavens Gates for this
beautiful award, I feel so blessed.
God bless you.

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