Running Free

Running free with the wind,
Their manes flowing in the air.
Running free with not even a care
Their hooves hit the ground
You can hear the beat of the sound!

A creature of beauty running free,
With Gods sky above,
They race with such grace.
Heads held high and proud,
Knowing not where they will roam!

The Stallion rears high
With hooves toward the sky.
Showing his beauty to all!
Running free thru the valleys,
Racing the sun on the shores!

As night starts to fall,
The wild horse finds safety,
Away from their prey.
They stand proud and tall,
Awaiting the end of their day.

The sounds of silence in the night
Mares tend there foals with care.
The Stallion keeps watch, knowing
His herd will be all right.
Running free is there life!

Written By Redbird Jan
July 30, 2001
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Seven Horses
Art by: Jim Warren
used with permission
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Update Sept. 2003