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The two of you have
made a home filled
with love and happiness.
You were there in the,
Good times and the bad.
A wondeful example of
How life should be lived.

That's why this day
Is so special, for those
Who love you so~~
Because it is a day
To thank you both, and
To celebrate the love
That made us such
A happy family~~

Do you Richard Larimore Smith,
Take Gwendolyn Iris Cornwell,
To be your lawful wedded wife.
To love, honor and cherish,
Till death due you part.

These are words that were
Exchanged twice for this,
Dear couple, May 6, 1939,
And renewed on their beautiful
Golden Wedding Anniversary,
May 6, 1989

This is a cherished memory,
Mary Ann, there daughter.
Will never forget.
This loving couple
Are now together in heaven.
They left a legacy of love
That showed true family love.

A legacy that Mary Ann,
Will always be grateful for.
God Bless you my friend.

Written by: Redbird Jan,
June 10, 2001

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