Two of the greatest joys in life.
Is being a loving Mother,or Father
And a loving husband and wife
For us there is no other,
Way to live our life.

The joy of our wedding day,
He takes me for his wife
To love, to honor, to cherish
For the rest of our life!
Our hearts knew this was the way!

We both had lots of dreams,
Of a home and loving family.
We talked for hours, it seems,
Sharing all we had inside,
Sharing all within our mind.

Happy we were right from the start,
But something was missing
We both felt it in our hearts.
We loved each other without a doubt!
So what was this feeling all about.

Then one day,out of the blue,
The answer came,it was so true!
His dream to be a Father,
My dream to be a Mother,
Had not happen to us yet.

We had so much love to share,
We would treat a child with care.
We turned to our Lord in prayer.
He knew our need,
He heard our plea!

Pink bundle of joy, its a girl!
This tiny angel from heaven,
Put our hearts in a whirl.
Entrusted to us for her care.
God had answered our prayer.

Thru the years joy unfolds.
Many time tears do flow.
Seeing a tiny life growing each day
Hearing her say, "Me Do It"
And knowing she could!

So short is the time
From being a child,
To becoming a young woman,
So loving and kind.
Sharing our joy all the while.

The joy of being a mother,
The proud life of a father,
Dreams coming true!
God realy cared, he really knew.
A daughter was all we needed..

Written by: Redbird Jan~~
May 8, 2001.

God Bless you Denny for 43
loving years, You have shared with me.

Diana thank you for always
making us Very proud to be
called Mom and Dad...

You both are the
Wind Beneath My Wings

Graphics by: Redbird Jan

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