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Flowers bring such beauty to life.
With there softness, and sweet fragrance.
I would love to give a bouquet to each,
Friend, for all the beauty they teach.
Friend's bring much beauty to life!

Friend's have taught me so much,
How to share,
How to care,
Special ways of listening,
And just knowing they are there.

Flowers bring beauty to a home,
Friends bring beauty to a heart,
Flowers brighten any place,
Friends brighten our inner space.
Bringing a love that shines within.

Flowers need special care to grow,
Friends give special care that make us glow.
Care that makes the friendship grow.
Flowers need space to thrive,
Friendship needs space to stay alive.

Flowers need feeding to reach there best,
Friends need love to know there blessed.
Flowers are given rain from above ,
Friends are sent from God to love.
To teach and share, both tears and fears.

Friends are special in every way,
Sharing there love each and every day.
I feel blessed by God, for every friend,
They help me thru till the very end.
God bless each who have blessed my life.

For nothing is so great, as a friend.
By your side thru thick and thin,
Loving, sharing, caring, and giving,
Holding you steady, always ready
To be there no matter what.

Flowers~~ Friends, what a treaure,
To life, both to be cherished,
For the love and beauty they give.
No one can measure,
These gifts from God that we behold.

Written By : Redbird Jan
October 13, 2001

Please do not use poem without permission!

Thank you to all my precious Friends,
it is because of you only,
That this Redbird Jan, can still fly.
I love each of you with all my heart.
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Thank you!

Art by: Midge Dover
Used with permission
Thank you Sweet Midge, you are a dear friend!
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