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Why Lord why
All we can do is cry?
Why Lord why,
Do so many have to die?

I dont understand Lord!

Lord we are still crying
From the loss of so many
Now the fighter planes are flying
The bombing has started.

Why Lord , why
Cant the people see
More killing is to be
More hearts left torn.

Why Lord why
Since even before your time
Wars were fought, many died.
How can anyone find peace of mind?

Even you,Lord,saw war, and hate,
As you walked upon this soil.
Destruction, on earth was your fate,
When they nailed you on the cross.

Why Lord why,
So many years go by
Still people can not get along.
Can't the world see the wrong?

I do not doubt you dear Lord,
I question the people of this world,
That so easily take a life for a life.
I just ask you Lord, help me understand.

While the bombs are dropping in Afganistan
Here so far away it seems so clam.
Yet we know we have been warned,
No one will stop until we have won.

Why Lord why
Does so much blood have to be shed
Cant any one be led,
To find an end to all of this

Our God is the same
We have no one to blame,
But ourselves, all the world,
Is so mixed up, it is a shame!

I have a question Lord,
Is this the life we live on earth
Is there never any peace in this world?
Please Lord help me understand.

Written By: Redbird Jan
October 7, 2001

God Bless all those defending our country
God be with the familys still in mourning
God be with all those familys
waiting at home.
We are behind you America
I am just trying to understand!

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