Colors Of Fall

~~ Colors Of Fall ~~

Colors of leaves so brightly ,
Shinning thu the suns beaming light.
Colors of beauty, from trees so tall.
Giving us welcome to the season of Fall.

A magical world of color's changeing
Before our very eyes, color's ranging,
From brightest of reds, to softest of golds.
Colors so warm, as Fall unfolds.

With a new nip of coolness in the air,
God gives His world such love and care.
Pruning the trees with a soft winds call,
Watching the leaves as they softly fall.

A feeling of freshness of a showering rain,
A soft mist of fog on a Moutain lane.
The colors burst thru in a majestic way,
Announcing the start of a new day.

Wonderful feelings of love and life
Flash thu our minds with much delight.
Something about Fall brings us such peace,
Making our mind feel so at ease!

Knowing God has done all this,
Brings happiness to our heart.
A magical display, of glorious bliss.
Only He can give us from His heart.

Written By: Redbird Jan~September 6, 2001

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