She's the one who held me when I was young.
She's the one who thought I could do no wrong.

She's the one who knew me so well.
Even the things I didn't tell.

She's the one who held me when I was grown.
She's the one who helped me stand on my own

and silently said you are never alone.
She's the one who made me who I am.

She's the one I still want to hold.
I know that there are others that also think

written by Diana Gronlund

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I want you to meet my Mother.
She was certainly like no other.

She was a cherished Mother.
A loving wife to my father.

She was a friend indeed
to those in need.

She loved with all her might.
She never gave up without a fight.

Her faith was strong but now she is gone
We all miss her but she lives on
with the angels and God up above.

written by Diana Gronlund for my Mother
December 30, 2007

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