John Alvin Wilson
Nov.10, 1887~~March 3, 1961

My Dad and Me

His hands so calloused, so sore
He worked so hard ,it tore,
My heart apart.
His family was his ever thought.

When I was just a child of three,
Daddy would hold me on his knee.
Then take out his pocket watch,
I sat so still,to hear the tick tock!

A carpenter by trade,
Working long hours for his pay,
In the summers hot sun,
And the winters cold winds.

My Dad and me, loved when,
The cowboys came to town,
Like Lash-laRue, Fuzzy MCknight,
Hop Along Cassidy,Rex Allan, and
Tex Ritter.

What a thrill, as we met these cowboys,
Every Saturday it was special to be,
Sitting front row, Dad in his Stetson
And me in my cowgirl hat and boots.

Dad often took me on his jobs,
I knew every tool my name,
Every nail by size,
I could fetch them as fast as he ask!

Supper time Dad always said grace
He had such a love in his face,
As he thanked the LORD,
For the food, and blessings for us.

Dad was a hero in my eyes,
He saved a baby calf from a storming rain,
He saved me from the big roosters spurs,
Anything Mom needed ,Dad could build!

There was nothing Dad wouldnt do,
To make me smile, never wanting me to cry.
We would sit on the front porch swing,
Dad playing his harmonica, I would sing,
I would dance, I would make Dad laugh.

As I grew older soon times came,
Dad could'nt go to work again,
His heart was not up to the
Long hard hours, or hot summer sun,

Retirement was'nt easy, he felt so sad,
He thought he had let us down.
We tried to tell him, it was ok,
He was so worried, he was so sick.

Soon the day came when Dad went to sleep.
He did'nt suffer, God just took him Home.
I did'nt know what to do.
Life without Dad was hard to face.

Mom sat me down, and talk to me.
She knew things would be ok.
Then she told me the way it would be.
Hard at first, but God would show us a way.

With our faith and our love we,
Will make it, you'll see,
Dad would be a guardian angel
Just for Mom and me.

Written by Redbird Jan~
~September27, 2001~

In memory of my Dad Wilson

My Mom ~~ Ellah
Nov.20, 1902~~ March 11,1987

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