A nasty, rainy, dreay day,
Cars a dashing every which a way.
Our work was getting hetic, even tho,
We were laughing and sharing, we both
felt the tiredness creeping in!

When all of a sudden, out of the blue,
My eyes could not believe it to be true.
I said," quick Denny, look at the clown!"
My hubby looked at me with a frown!
I too tired to play your games , he said!

But as he turned his head, he saw,
Not one but 4 clowns , smiling back at us!
They looked so happy in there little car!
Each one a waving, as if to say,
Smile we love you, well chase the rain away.

They all looked so special , we didnt have a clue ,
Where they were going, but this we knew!
Where ever they were headed,
Happiness, laughter and joy would be there!
They did not know , but as they waved,

They gave these two old tired workers ,
A lot of laughter, and lot more energy,
To finish the long days work.
As they passed us by, on the back
of their car were these cute words.

Caution*** A Clown At The Wheel***

Written By RedbirdJan...December 28,2002

Graphics By redbird Jan.
Please do not take graphics or poem without permission

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Bring In The Clowns!