Time is now, time is past
What lies ahead will last
Friendship's of our soul
Keep our hearts warm not cold.

Caring, hoping, sharing,
Makes time easier with a friend!
Good times and in bad,
Hoping friendship's never end!

Time to pray for a friend,
Not to be ask, but 'cause you care.
Time to wish them special days.
Time to show them loving ways.

Memories of things you've shared,
Secrets, happiness, joy, a tear.
Even feelings of unknown fear.
Still friends, thru out the years!

Time and friendship are a pair.
Time would be wasted if alone,
Friendship would not survive,
If not given time and love

God bless the friend, who
Walks thru time with me.
Who stays until time ends
Then waits and prays for me.

Written by: Redbird Jan
March 15, 2003

I dedicate this page to "Lorraine", with Love.
As she is Keeping watch over us from above.

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"With love To Lorraine"
by her sister, Francine Pucillo

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ClockTower Cottage
Art By: Thomas Kinkade
Used with permission
Thomas Kinkade Gallery

A Certain Smile

"A Certain Smile",is arranged and performed by
HJ Gaudreau. For information about his music list
or his CDs, contact him at

Lyrics below.

A Certain Smile

A certain smile, a certain face
Can lead an unsuspecting heart on a merry chase
A fleeting glance can say so many lovely things
Suddenly you know why my heart sings

You love awhile and when love goes
You try to hide the tears inside with a cheerful pose
But in the hush of night exactly like a bitter sweet refrain
Comes that certain smile to haunt your heart again

Music-Sammy Fain
Lyrics- Paul Francis Webster

Johnny Mathis recorded this as the title song
in the movie starring Rossano Brazzi and Joan Fontaine.
Th song was nominated for an Academy Award, 1958.
It peaked on the charts at # 14 in the same year.