~ Walk With Me ~

Walk with me thru the forrest tall,
Share with me the beauty of it all!
God's special place for you and me.
Feelings of awesome scenes, to set us free.

The trees so boldly reach for the sky,
Seeking the sun ever so high.
Leaves of green glisten in sunlight,
Bathed from above for all there life!

The path way of shade gives cool relief,
As we walk, feeling the strongness of our belief!
Knowing only God can create such peace .
Giving us serenity and letting minds be at ease.

Walk with me, in gentle silence
Knowing here can be no violence.
Just sound of nature, sweet and quite
Hearing the whisper of wings in flight.

Reaching for heaven the Eagle flys,
Seeking the mountain tops and what lies,
Beyond, with God and sky.
Looking for hope of the sweet bye and bye.

Walk with me to the meadow within
Smell the sweet flowers, touched by Gods hand.
Imagine a Chapel placed there by Him,
Always knowing only He can,

Give such beauty such love,
A place to pray to Him above.
A special place to find,
Where we know its only one of a kind!

Walk with me beside the stream of life
Where we can leave all earthy strife.
On bended knee we pray for peace,
We ask the Lord to stop such grief~

Walk with me each day I pray
Knowing Gods our answer, in every way.
Knowing without Him there'll be no day,
Only the darkness of night.

Walk with me in faith and love
Where each of us become as one.
As His eye is on the sparrow,
We know he watches over us.

Written by : Redbird Jan~August 23, 2001
please do not use poem without permission.

Graphics by:RedbirdJan

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