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Butterflies In The Mist

I stood behind the waterfalls.
Soft and cool, I felt in awe,
The beauty before my eyes
Sparkled, as the stars in the sky.

The colors so amazing, so bright,
Prisms of color shinning from the light.
The hues were beyond any sight,
One would see on earth in this life!

Their wings in awesome splendor, fluttered,
No sound was ever uttered.
Searching for the sweetness of the flowers.
I wanted to stay and watch for hours.

The beauty took my breath away,
The silence was so peaceful.
Butterflies floating thru the spray,
Fluttering in the mist of day.

The flowers nectar oh so sweet,
Lingered in the air, a glorious treat!
The mist watering each petal, each leaf,
Within I felt a sigh of great relief.

Was this real, or was it a dream?
As they floated in the sun lights beam.
They fluttered away with no trace.
God had given them such beauty, such grace.

Written By: Redbird Jan~~August 30, 2001
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"Butterflies In The Mist"
Art By: Tom duBois
Is provided courtesy of "Christ-Centered Art."
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Music By Geoff