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~It's Amazing~

It’s amazing
what a little love can do
a spoonful of attention
when you’re feeling kinda blue.

It only takes a bear hug
or a smile that says Hello
or a twinkle in a pair of eyes
that says I love you so.

It only takes a friendly pat
on shoulders weighted down
to lighten up the load a bit
and wash away a frown.

It only takes a sharing word
that says I understand
a call that says I thought of you
or an outstretched helping hand.

It’s really just amazing
what the little things can do
the roses in a thorny day
that say...I love you too.

Written By: Evegene

~~ This poem is copyrighted ~~
Please do not use without permission.

I would like to thank Evegene

for permission to use her
Beautiful Poem,God bless You


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Thank you dear Sylvia
for this loving friendship gift.
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A friend will strengthen you
with her prayers,bless you
with her love,and encourage
you with hope
Friendship is a gift from God
Please handle it with love and care

Redbird Jan, February 26, 2001
God bless you my Friends.^j^

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