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Sometimes we're blue.
When nothing we do,
Seems to matter at all.
The tears fall like rain,
We can't even explain.

We can hear a sad song,
Then everything goes wrong.
We shut the world out,
We really can pout !
When sometimes we're blue.

Sometimes we're blue,
When a memory lingers on
Knowing in our heart,
That thoughts can be true.
They make us sometimes blue.

We have to learn to part,
With past, to move on more,
To the good life God has in store.
Not always easy , especially,
When life has us torn!

Sometimes we're blue.
But if we look up
To God with prayer, we
Will find He'll fill our cup,
With love and care, so true.

The answer is not,
In the heart so blue.
The answer has got,
To be prayer for you,
For I, for God,
Knows , we're sometimes blue

Written By: Redbird Jan
April 28, 2001

Digital Art-Bluebird: Creations By Dawn

Do not use without permission!

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Graphics By: Redbird Jan

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