Sweet Mother

~Jan Barkdoll~

Sweet Mother please don't go

I want you to stay

I Love you so

But peace and tranquility for this I pray

For you sweet Mother this I say

"I am blessed you are my Mother

And you are with me everyday."

Written by:
Daughter ~Diana Gronlund

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Wade, Jan & Diana, bottom is Denny & Tanner.

My Kindred

Jan Barkdoll

"It Will Come"

"My Only Sunshine"

August 12, 1940 ~ December 5, 2007

My Sweet Kindred, I can't believe you are gone, I can't pick up the phone,
I can't get you at home, I know you hear me Kindred but I need you at home~

My heart is so very sad, alone it is, where is the air I breath, where is the
Laughter I so desire to hear? The tears flow, I know you are not here~
Kindred I need you at home~

My chimes ring softly so I know you are talking to me, I reach but I cannot feel your touch
I miss you so much~I need you please come home~

I prayed for your "miracle" as you told me to do, I had the faith just like you~
I asked God to heal you and He answered me saying
"It Will Come"

I was excited to hear those words, I knew you would be healed
I knew it would come for God stands true to His word.
Kindred I need you to come home~

You see the beautiful prayers your friends have prayed,
they came together as one for you my Kindred and they never
let a day go by without a prayer and a word of love~you indeed were
special to many and I know you didn't know how loved you were~
Until you went above~

Look at the candles my Sweet Kindred, such heartfelt words for you
and for those you love~
I know you can see them from above~
But Kindred I need you to come home~

Reach out, touch me Kindred, give me your love, I need you so much~
Come with angel wings take me above so together we can be~
Soon, I don't want the word soon..I have heard the word soon~
Soon is long~Kindred I need you to come home~

It is often said God takes the very best for His Angel's~
He definitely has the best of the best in you my Sweet Kindred
Many faces you now know, all the people we have talked about you can see~
I know you have carried "our" messages to those we love
I know your work will be busy from above~
But Kindred I need you to come home!

Do you hear my sobbing cries, it's the memory of sharing everything together that I miss so much~ We went through friendships, marriages, divorces, births, deaths and even right down to the toilet paper we used..we didn't miss anything when we shared for the wonderful ten years we had Kindred not a secret between us just love sweet unconditional love~ We both knew God put us together He knows all from above But Kindred I need you to come home~

My heart is supposed to be happy you are free to fly I know you are now healthy so why do I still cry? My chimes ring, I know you are here but my heart wants you to come home~

Let's sing Kindred our song of love on those hard days we had~
You start ok?
Kindred~ You are my "Sunshine"
Odder Kindred~ My Only Sunshine
Kindred~ You make me "happy"
Odder Kindred~ When the skies are gray
Kindred~ You'll never know Kindred how much I love you
Odder Kindred~ So please don't take my sunshine away!

My sunshine is gone Kindred~ the skies are gray Help me to find again the way

I reach out to you to say I love you Can we touch yet? I don't feel it~
Oh darn Kindred I really want you to come home~

Isn't there a trolley up there? I been waiting on that you know~ The one that will come to take me home~
Are you sitting on "our" swing Larry's and mine And telling him I am just fine..
Ha I know you hear my sigh!

Oh my Kindred you know my hearts cry You understand all now and why
Many people you get to meet I know for you that is a treat~

Shine down upon us Dear Kindred, wrap those "angel" wings around us, Protect us, guide us on and help us to carry on~
Let not our faith falter, keep us strong~ Never forget to send us your precious hugs filled with love~
Hold tight Kindred we are struggling for this while~

Can you come to the meadow to lay in the sun with me
I cleared part of the pasture for you and me
Do you now see as we lay in the sun
The warmth is from the Lord~
Do you see the path we take
It leads to the forest where we walk until
We see the clearing and across the way there is a spiritual figure~
A heart filled with gold, arms outstretched
Giving us answers for the times we are stressed~
Do you see Dear Kindred??
I now see alone, my hand you let go~
You my Kindred are the spiritual figure I see~
And I know you are Home!

Healing I knew it would "come"
God told me so in the meadow where we lay I really wanted it to come here at "home"

You taught me so much along our way
You understood and often I didn't even have to say
You know Dad always said if we get one true friend
We are blessed~
I got the best, you my Kindred~
Never will I forget our time together, never Kindred~
Don't let go of me Kindred, hold tight~
Ring my chimes so I can sleep tonight!

Wrap your "angel" wings around Denny, Diana, Wade, Tanner
You must have really "big" wings Kindred they have to cover
all those you love~
We will stand in the meadow, give you a "left" handed "wave"
As we look above
And send to you ALL of our love!

I knew~ God said~

"It Would Come"

In Memory of my most precious precious Kindred, there is no way I can write about all our years together or to tell you how very special and precious she was to my life, my heart and to my family. It's very hard to write it all, without rhythm or rhyme..she now will have to "bless" this writing...if I could I would turn it around and her life would still be here with Denny, Diana, Wade and Tanner but God takes the best of the best so I have to let her fly..

Oh Kindred are you flying free without "fear" now in the pasture with your beloved horse Eben? Oh you can see the precious little furry ones you loved so very much, wow life in heaven is the best isn't it!

Remember Dear Kindred, I love you to the stars, to the galaxies, to the moon and more and more~
In my heart you will forever be my Special Kindred to me!





Your Odder Kindred

Leah J Sergent Crichton

Written 12-07-2007

Blessed by:

My Kindredspirit

~Jan Barkdoll~

1 Corinthians 13
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

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